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Start with taking off your shoes!!!

Roll your feet with lax ball or the bar for 1min each side.

2 Rounds

10 Straight leg kicks (each side)

10 Band around knees air squat

10 Pass through

Finish with Instep stretch for 1min each side.

Skills & Drills

Running skills:

– Pulling

– Cadence


Warm up to the weight used for the back squat.

Metcon (Time)

Run 400 meters

6 Back Squats 185/125

Run 400 meters

9 Back Squats

Run 400 Meters

12 Back Squats
– Back squats taken off the rack.

– Partner up: one starts with the run while the other with the back squats.

– Be smart and wise when choosing the weight used for the back squats, yet get out of your comfort zone.


– Calf Stretch

– Hamstring Stretch

– Lower back Stretch

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