Vitality Challenge

Vitality Challenge- Amman, Jordan

It’s the perfect time of year and challenge to reset your habits for the rest of 2019!  The aim of this challenge is to transform your habits concerning the most important areas of your life.  You’ll have a coach and fellow members who join you on this journey.  You’ll be able to see and feel the differences in your body!

Details of the Challenge

  • Starts August 24, 2019- goes for six weeks ending October 5th, 2019
  • Exclusive App- Triib for recording your points throughout the week and challenge
  • Leaderboard updated daily with special bonus for most % body fat lost and most muscle gain.
  • Points for sleep, nutrition, water intake, as well as fitness related goals and much more.
  • 60 JD-
  • Non members of Crescent are welcome and will be required to join our Essentials program
  • You can pay at Crescent or online by clicking the link below
  • Register by visiting here-