Training With Toddlers

How do You Stay Fit During the Crisis

I am facing the same situation as many of you- one child and one toddler in my home during this Curfew.  An already hard situation of being a mom with young kids is now made even more tough.  Toddlers need full time attention and care. Alot of us now can’t have help at home, have to work from home, and to home school our other kids.  We lay down at the end of the day exhausted thinking how we will do it all over again tomorrow. For me personally, my daily 30min-1hr workout have been my one and only relief.  That is how I take care of my mental health and physical health as well!

Plan Around Your Training- Then Adjust

I started planning my day around my workout. but this wasn’t possible most of the times. You can’t plan much with a toddler. So I decided that I will jump into a workout even when I am not ready and sometimes literally suddenly. For example i would start doing burpees or squats and try to get some movements and intensity in as much as possible whether it was next to bed in my pajamas or in the kitchen.

Small Sets

Also i realized that if I do my workout in sets I will be able to do a quick set then attend to my toddler, before I know it I have my workout finished now matter how much time it took. I have no shame in admitting that I sometimes let my toddler watch some more than planned screen time in order to do my workout as well. I don’t even think of judging myself when I consider kneeling all day in a squat position to get to my toddlers level when I speak to her as my functional workout of the day. After all a happy mama equals and happy toddler and a happy family.

Family Affair

Often times kids love working out with their mom or parents!  They may not get all the moves down perfectly, but they will ate last move around!  Our online classes or personal training online gives the toddler something novel and keeps them interested at least long enough for a 10-15 minute training session.  We want to be here to provide ideas and structure for you and your family so you can all stay healthy during this time!



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