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The Foundational Movements of CrossFit- Box Jumps

The main hindrance to performing box jumps is fear. We’ve all been there second guessing if we can make that first jump without breaking something. You know you can’t second guess it, but after you get that first jump you get a new wave of confidence.

Why box jumps?

So what is the point of box jumps?

Contrary to popular belief some impact on your joints is necessary. Box jumps are relatively low impact and are great for increasing collagen and bone density. They also are great for improving your explosiveness and hip extension. Which will transfer to faster hip extension in many lifts; like the snatch.

Correct form prevents injury

Majority of the time the reason people hurt themselves on a box jump is because they hesitate. They end up jumping with only one foot which makes landing centered nearly impossible. Focus on using all the power and momentum from your hips to jump not just your legs.

Often times people will also land on the box with their hips very low almost in a squat. This happens because people think they need to bring their knees up really high in order to avoid tripping. Really you should be moving your whole center mass as high as possible, not just lifting your knees. When you land your hips should be about 90 degrees or above.

Another common mistake is landing with your feet super close and knees caving in. Your starting and landing position should be about the same. Knees in line with toes so whether your jumping or landing you are in a stable position. Hips behind the knees and your weight evenly distributed throughout the whole foot.

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