Shahira Yaghmour- Lead Coach

Coach Shahira

Shahira Yaghmour- Lead Coach

Lead Coach


I have never actually specialized or had interest in one area of sports. I would join a different sport each year with the longest sport being gymnastics from the age of 7 till 11. I was easily bored and never committed to one sport but I liked being able to keep up with all my friends in all the different sports that they did. I did basketball, football, track and field and swimming but only for a little while,

Throughout the last year of high school (Tawjihi) I lost interest in sports which is a predictable side effect of Tawjihi!!!!! and it went on through my 5 years of college.

When I finished Tawjihi I missing being active and started struggling with my weight. My nutrition getting worse so I decided to join a GYM where I was the girl with head phones who runs her life away on the treadmill and leaves. I again found myself working out because I had to and got very bored while feeling that there was always something missing. I did weight training on machines but felt my cardio was decreasing so I would switch back to cardio training and aerobics classes only to realize that I am losing the strength that I achieved with the weight training. It was a never ending cycle of trying to find the balance between my fitness goals.

I got introduced to Crossfit by a friend. My first work out was a shock. The gym had no treadmills or machines- and had ropes and rings hanging from the ceiling, music jamming and people running around. By the end of that workout I was on the floor breathing as if I had never worked out in my life. I decided to try the Essentials Program and see how I’d like it. I did not know what to expect, so I kept coming back and found myself actually looking forwards to going to the box every day. Crossfit gave me the perfect balance that I was looking for and it added and is still adding to my athletic skills. Knowing that there will always be something to work on keeps me going, and most of all now I work out because it’s fun and I’m a part of an amazing community with amazing friends and coaches.

I started reading some articles about crossfit and I was fascinated with the amount of science and effort that is behind this fitness program, and it was then that I decided to get my Level One Certificate and coach at Crescent. I’ve recently completed my Level Two Certification and am excited to study for my Level Three!

I really enjoy learning and understanding of how strong we humans are. It is so rewarding to actually be able to help others discover their strengths and hone their abilities.


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