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Joseph Peer- Owner- Lead Coach




Because I had too much “energy” when I was 3, my parents threw me into gymnastics! I was training 20 hours per week when I decided to focus on baseball in high school. However, my gymnastics foundation served me extremely well for the 10 General Physical Skills of CrossFit. In high school I began weightlifting and learned to enjoy it. At the age of 16, I had 5 knee surgeries and never knew if I could play sports again.



The doctors told me I should never play high level sports again because I would continue to injure my knees. Thankfully, I learned to rehab my knees and came back stronger than ever and earned a scholarship to play shortstop at Austin Peay State University. There I met my amazing wife Katherine- and we’ve been married since 2003 right as I finished my BS in Chemistry. I then spent the next ten years living in Clarksville, TN; Savannah, GA; and Colorado Springs, CO working with amazing leaders of the United States Military. Physically, I was bored of going to the globo gyms, didn’t have any fitness goals, and ashamed of my fitness level.



That all changed when I finally joined an Affiliate in 2012 at the constant prodding of several friends. I joined CrossFit Hit and Run Collierville and within four months saw incredible results. I visited a close friend who’s an elite soldier with world class fitness and he couldn’t believe the results in such a short time. From that moment, I knew I’d found something that could efficiently increase my fitness- and allow me to enjoy my friendships and relationships no matter what we might do.

Little did I know then that I’d become an owner of a CrossFit gym. I know now and in the future I want to play soccer and baseball with my kids, walk the steps of Petra, and the Dead 2 Red. All of this is possible and enjoyable. Now, I can focus on enjoying time with my friends and family- enjoying time in the pain of the workout and the benefits throughout the rest of my life.

I coached gymnastics and tumbling for 3 years during and after college, and have coached multiple baseball teams. I enjoy creating teams that set challenging goals, specific development plans, and take care of each other like family. Being a great coach is something I pride myself in as an owner.

My wife Katherine and I have three kids- Deborah 12, Isaac 10, Sammy 6. We look forward to expending their “energy” in CrossFit for years to come while laying a foundation for their leadership, teamwork, and physical development no matter what sports or endeavors they choose in the future!


Certified CrossFit Trainer- L3

  • CrossFit Football Certified (Sport Specific Application)
  • USA NSCA Tactical Stretch and Conditioning Facilitator
  • Tactical Athlete Instructor Level 1
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Certified
  • CrossFit Anatomy and Physiology
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1 Certified


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