Joseph Peer- Owner- Lead CoachOwner

Too Much Energy

Because I had too much “energy” when I was 3, my parents threw me into gymnastics!  I was training 20 hours per week when I decided to focus on baseball in high school. However, my gymnastics foundation served me extremely well for the 10 General Physical Skills of CrossFit.  In high school I began weightlifting and learned to enjoy it.  At the age of 16, I had 5 knee surgeries and never knew if I could play sports again.

Rehabbing an Injury 

The doctors told me I should never play high level sports again because I would continue to injure my knees. Thankfully, I learned to rehab my knees and came back stronger than ever and earned a scholarship to play shortstop at Austin Peay State University. There I met my amazing wife Katherine- and we’ve been married since 2003 right as I finished my BS in Chemistry.  I then spent the next ten years living in Clarksville, TN; Savannah, GA; and Colorado Springs, CO working with amazing leaders of the United States Military.  Physically, I was bored of going to the globo gyms, didn’t have any fitness goals, and ashamed of my fitness level.

The Road to an Owner

That all changed when I finally joined an Affiliate in 2012 at the constant prodding of several friends. I joined CrossFit Hit and Run Collierville and within four months saw incredible results. I visited a close friend who’s an elite soldier with world class fitness and he couldn’t believe the results in such a short time. From that moment, I knew I’d found something that could efficiently increase my fitness- and allow me to enjoy my friendships and relationships no matter what we might do.

Little did I know then that I’d become an owner of a CrossFit gym.  I know now and in the future I want to play soccer and baseball with my kids, walk the steps of Petra, and the Dead 2 Red.  All of this is possible and enjoyable. Now, I can focus on enjoying time with my friends and family- enjoying time in the pain of the workout and the benefits throughout the rest of my life.

I coached gymnastics and tumbling for 3 years during and after college, and have coached multiple baseball teams. I enjoy creating teams that set challenging goals, specific development plans, and take care of each other like family.  Being a great coach is something I pride myself in as an owner.

My wife Katherine and I have three kids- Deborah 12, Isaac 10, Sammy 6. We look forward to expending their “energy” in CrossFit for years to come while laying a foundation for their leadership, teamwork, and physical development no matter what sports or endeavors they choose in the future!


 CrossFit Level Two Trainer

 CrossFit Football Certified (Sport Specific Application)

 USA NSCA Tactical Stretch and Conditioning Facilitator

 Tactical Athlete Instructor Level 1

 CrossFit Kettlebell Certified

 CrossFit Anatomy and Physiology

 CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1 Certified