Chris Jordan- Co-Owner Lead Coach

A Tactical Coach is Born

After 7 years of service in the US Army infantry, airborne, and SOF units, 65 static line parachute jumps, and 3 deployments to Afghanistan, I was fortunate to walk away from the military with zero injuries. I attribute this, among other things, to the functional fitness training I started at the onset of my career.

A Tactical Coach Prepares

Tactical Athlete before a Tactical Coach

As a Cadet preparing to enter the military, I started out doing typical physical training.  Most military units do Pushups, Situps, and Running primarily.  At first this was fine but just prior to commissioning, I became quite bored with this routine physical training. Furthermore, I noticed a significant decrease in my strength and began to develop pre-plantar fasciitis from the high emphasis on running.

After commissioning into the Army as an Infantry Officer in 2009, I was introduced to functional fitness and my whole approach to fitness changed. The boredom was gone and I was immediately hooked! Everyday each training session and movement combination was different. No two workouts were alike as they combined multiple attributes of fitness into one workout.  Strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and more all at the same time. It was all being challenged and improving simultaneously! No more boring routine and my injuries from prolonged running faded away into a memory. I was stronger, faster, and more injury-proof than I had ever been.

A Tactical Coach Observes

Throughout my career, I noticed guys around me were consistently getting injured from training exercises.  My body stayed strong and injury resilient for some reason. During training events, the body-building types were the first to ‘gas out’ on anything requiring endurance over hours.  Things like rucking, climbing a mountain in full kit, or a long run.  Meanwhile, the guys who ran all the time, couldn’t handle a heavy ruck or evacuate a simulated casualty that weighed 100kg. I wasn’t the strongest or the fastest guy, but I was able to do both rather well. This is the reality of a well-rounded tactical athlete. I took care of my body and in turn, during tough training exercises and deployments, it took care of me!

A Tactical Coach Arrives in Jordan

First off, with my family name being Jordan- did I really have a choice?  But seriously, as I deployed to Afghanistan and as I look back on what has transpired since 9/11, something has to change.  I know that something far different has to be done to bring about peace and wholeness to this part of the world.  I moved my wife and three children to Amman in July of 2017 in order to better be a part of the solution by first understanding the situation even better.  It’s an honor to be a part of the Crescent leadership and team and I look forward to the years to come!


 CrossFit Level Two Trainer

 USA NSCA Tactical Stretch and Conditioning Facilitator

Ranger Athlete Warrior – Unit Leader Certified

Mountain Tactical Institute Advanced Programming

United States Association of Weightlifting – Level 1