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April 17-19

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Day 1-2 Tactical Athlete Curriculum
1200-1230 Introduction
1230-1330 TA Warm up Drills
1330-1600 TA Strength
1600-1700 Lunch
1700-1730 TA Warm-up
1730-1930 TA Strength and Conditioning
1930-2030 Review/practice
2030-2100 Q & A
Day 3 Tactical Athlete Curriculum
1200-1300 Nutrition lecture
1300-1330 TA Warm-up Drills
1330-1600 TA Strength and Conditioning
1600-1700 Lunch
1700-1830 Review/Practice
1830-2030 Performance Test, Course Evaluation
2030-2100 Q & A, Closing remarks


• Maximize fitness levels in minimal time, with minimal equipment, in any environment.

• Maximize job/sport performance.

• Develop high power and endurance thresholds.

• Demonstrate job-task specific functional movements.

• Optimize performance by applying accelerated learning techniques.

• Reduce injury and maximize results with effective program design strategies.


  • The whole four days was awesome. In my 19 years of law enforcement, this was by far the best strength and conditioning program I have ever gone through. This course will make me a much better trainer.

    Lt. Chris Haynes Police Officer and CrossFit Box owner
  • My deadlift went from 65 lbs. dead lift to 160 (pounds) in 3 days! Now I feel strength and power is attainable.

    Tammy Keller DHS
  • Outstanding! Great functional information that is directly related to our job and profession.

    John Skidmore Supervisory Law Enforcement Specialist

    Major J.P. US Army
  • I have attended lots of tactical and officer survival courses where the instructor stresses the need to workout and how that will make you a better officer. There is truth in that, however most guys start working out and develop their bodies in a way that creates injuries and restricts movement in equipment. This course bridges the gap between officer survival schools and fitness as practiced by most cops and operators.

    Laramy Gregory Police Officer
  • Brilliant... this training was a fantastic experience. I came from far away to have a new experience, to reach goals and with your help, dedication and patience, I reached surpassed these goals. Thank you so much!

    JM Digne FTO United Nations Security
  • It was a tough 4 days, but every bit of it was fun and full of new information that I can use to build my strength. It taught me that I can do anything anywhere if I use my imagination.”

    Amy Campbell Firefighter
  • Phenomenal experience... it was a pleasure to be able to learn from one of the “original” American Kettlebell Instructors.

    Shay Gillham
  • Jeff broke the training down into SIMPLE STEPS which can be used with basic students here at the academy. It gave me the TOOLS TO IMPROVE ALL ASPECTS of my strength training program.

    David Evans Senior Special Agent, I.C.E.
  • The step-by-step progressions of each movement will be very helpful in training my Marines.

    Kevin Quinlan USMC
  • This Type of training will prepare you for a real emergency.

    R.S. ATF Special Agent
  • As a law enforcement officer with prior military experience, this is without a doubt the best strength and conditioning course I have ever attended. I wish I had this 20+ years ago as a young PFC in the Army. Every LE/Mil Operator in the country should attend this, for many reasons. Specifically it will give you a huge advantage in coming home alive.

    Jeff Arms Special Agent


The Tactical Athlete Instructor Certification course is designed to provide the necessary skills to safely teach and administer physical training skills. The requirements for this course are stringent, primarily for your protection and the safety of those you train.

• Attendance 100%
• Participation 100%
• Pass all skills on Performance Test
• Perform 1 Tactical Pull-up (men: w/ 36 pound kettlebell, women: body-weight only)

Due to the importance of the material presented in this course, there will be no exceptions to the above criteria. All required criteria must be met before Instructor Certificates are issued. Otherwise a certificate of attendance will be issued.

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