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Run, Row, Jump for 3min

Bear Crawl x2

3 Rounds:

10 Banded press behind the neck

5 Burpee high jump

2 Wall walks

Finish with banded hamstring stretch each side 90sec.


Push Press and Push Jerk technique review in a group and warm up to the weight used in the WOD.

Metcon (Time)

Run 200 meters

20 Shoulder to overhead 135/85

Run 200 meters

15 Shoulder to overhead

Run 200 meters

10 Shoulder to overhead

Run 200 meters

5 Shoulder to overhead
– 12 min cap.

– Scale to a load you can move efficiently and fast.


– downward dog, upward dog, pigeon pose, child pose, child pose with one arm across.

– anterior/ medial / posterior shoulder smash with lax ball.

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