You deserve to have the energy and body you need to deal with the stress of life and work in Amman!

“For me, hitting the old regular gym had been as bad as physical torture. I needed something more exciting and challenging than the boring treadmills and cross trainers.  Crescent was recommended to me by a friend. I was reluctant to join at first as I thought it could be too intense and I might end up injuring myself. It’s been 5 months now and my life has been turned around. Crescent gave me the motivation to workout on a regular basis. Everyday there’s a new skill to learn or improve. The coaches are very helpful and capable and the community is very friendly and family-like. My injury fears were unfounded as I could always scale down any workout to my needs and limits. I now feel healthier and stronger than ever before. A big thank you is owed to my wonderful coaches- Coach Saif, Coach Faisal, and Coach Joseph.” 

 We are super proud of Ahmad Maitta and the other professionals like him who are dentists, engineers, professors, doctors, freelancers, NGO workers, embassy employees… we are here for you.

Dalia is a dentist here in Amman.  With a busy and stressful schedule she needed a way to keep her energy high, get and stay in shape, and try to enjoy it at the same time!  She has gained strength, toned up, and feels better than she ever has.  We’re so thankful to have her training with us and part of our family at Crescent!  She always brings a smile and coachable heart!  

Sara wanted a way to get stronger, shape up, and still have fun.  She began with us over three years ago and this is the first gym membership she has kept for more than one month!  As a busy professional she needed something that would maximize her time, keep her energy high, and give her something to look forward to after a long day of pressure filled work.  

Alison has been in Amman with the Canandian Embassy for several years.  She wanted a program, coaches, and a facility that could keep her fitness at an elite level for her work.  Not only has she found that at Crescent, but she’s gained a second home away from home!  We love having her train with us and her humble attitude that seeks to get a little bit better each day!  


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