You deserve to have the energy and body you need to deal with the stress of life and work in Amman!

“For me, hitting the old regular gym had been as bad as physical torture. I needed something more exciting and challenging than the boring treadmills and cross trainers. @crossfitcrescent was recommended to me by a friend. I was reluctant to join at first as I thought it could be too intense and I might end up injuring myself. It’s been 5 months now and my life has been turned around. CrossFit gave me the motivation to workout on a regular basis. Everyday there’s a new skill to learn or improve. The coaches are very helpful and capable and the community is very friendly and family-like. My injury fears were unfounded as I could always scale down any workout to my needs and limits. I now feel healthier and stronger than ever before. A big thank you is owed to my wonderful coaches. @joseph.katherine.peer  @saifhaquz@iamshuqom” We are super proud of @ahmad_maaita and the other professionals like him who are dentists, engineers, professors, doctors, freelancers, NGO workers, embassy employees… we are here for you.
We can help. Call us now or click our linktree in profile to sign up for a free consultation with one of our coaches. “

When I first joined CrossFit, I thought that’s it! That’s how I will lose weight, working out is the way but I was wrong, while working out is a very main aspect of becoming healthy and fit, the coaches made it clear from day one that working out with no good nutrition won’t be enough. So I started before the Vitality challenge and I lost 5 kilos by the time it started, but it was getting harder and the challenge kept me going. I ended up losing 9 kilos in total and I’ve never been healthier. I crossfit because I love a challenge, and that’s what I’ve found in crossfit. I am able to do so many moves I never imagined possible for me thanks to the amazing CFC coaches and other members, they’re the best!


Some people walk through our doors with weight loss goals and see success. However others desire to see muscle gain. The most important thing is that I gained weight. Before CrossFit I was 47kg and now I’m 52.3kg. So there is a difference and to be honest I am so happy about it. I feel stronger than ever and before the challenge I used to eat 2 to 3 bars of chocolate per day, but now I only eat one! ? No matter what your fitness goals may be, CrossFit Crescent will see you get there.


From his early childhood, Mohamad Assi was “the fat kid”, which made it hard for him to get motivated to lose weight and become active. A turning point took place when he reflected on his life and saw that he had no achievements of any kind. It was time for all of that to change. He started by quitting cigarettes, he even convinced 5 of his friends to join him, but only Assi stopped smoking. With the positive effects of his recent success he set another goal for himself, exercise. It started with the treadmill at a gym, then moved on to healthier eating habits, and setting higher fitness goals. Mohamad did this for years with great success- losing over 50kg! However, he begin to feel that he had hit a plateau in his development. Just one year ago, Mohamad had to suddenly lead the 6 family businesses and his time was much more busy. It was time to try something new that was efficient, fun, and could give him results.
“Before two months I started searching for an activity (not necessarily sports related) where I can develop my body and my capabilities which will help me develop in various tracks in my life, and I came across crossfit. Even with crossfit I did an intense search for the available “box’s” in Amman and after reading and visiting a couple I landed in Crossfit Crescent as it was the best fit for my character “intensity with humility” in practice. The vibe in this place is right for hardworking people no matter their fitness level and no matter their goals. The “family” atmosphere is a great motivation for many, starting with the coaches and the athletes. I have lost over 5% body fat so far!”

Coach Nathan has this to say- “Mohamad Assi’s self-determination became evident one night when we were doing a partner WoD. One partner would row while the other did some kettlebell work. Assi ended up doing about 80% of the total work because his partner, who was much bigger and stronger looking than Mohamad, wasn’t able to keep up with the work. Rowing slowly and doing very little reps on the kettlebell. Mohamad kept going and finished the workout without a single complaint and of course ended up benefitting the most from the workout. He really shined that night.”


Aeona, a Senior at Amman Bacc. School joined CFC without much of any athletic background. She had a frozen shoulder and an injured wrist. But we could see her potential! Over her first 4 months she dropped three dress sizes! Her dedication and results in her health and fitness have inspired her sister, mom, and dad to all join her! Her shoulder and wrist are totally healed now. We helped her scaled her exercises while the shoulder and wrist healed and regained their range of motion and strength. Simple functional movements were able to restore these joints without a need for Physical therapy or surgery! You can see results like this too!