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Group Warm Up

Partner WoD

Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Station 1:

800m Row. One partner on the rower while the other hols a Deadlift 135/105. Alternate as needed.

Station 2:

3 Stair climbs. Both partners climb the stairs together while holding only 1 Medball. Alternating the weight between partners however they like.

Station 3:

800 Rope Jumps. Partners can choose to perform DU or SU, both partners working at the same time.

Station 4:

3 Laps Farmer’s walk. Partners holding 2 barbells each from an end.

Station 5:

80 Pull-ups. One partner performs pull-ups while the other holds a plank. Alternate as needed.
Partners will spend 5 min at each station. They should complete the assigned task for each station by alternating roles however they like. If time is up before finishing the task they should stop and move to the next station.

Score: The time spent to finish each task in each station.


– Butterfly pose.

– Posterior chain foam roll (back, glutes and hamstrings).

– Shoulder banded distractions.

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