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Team WoD

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

2 teams for 6 rounds

Diamonds: Handstand Push-Ups

Clubs: Rowing for cal

Spades: Double Unders

Hearts: Pull-Ups

Each round each team picks a card. Then, the team athletes have to complete as many reps as possible of the movement in 3 min.

Total reps performed by the team each round will be divided by the card number. Which means, if they get a big number they should work harder to get more reps for a better score as a team.

There will be 2 min between rounds to reshuffle the deck and pick new cards.

If the team picks the joker, it’s a BREAK for them.
Final score = total score from 6 rounds

Round score = total reps / card number

Example: team 1 picked a 6 spades. as a team they perform as many reps as possible of double unders in 3 min. when time is over they divide the reps they got by 6. that would be their score for this round.

it’s all about luck in a way or another. So, let’s enjoy your workout and have fun as a team.


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