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Fire Rescue (AMRAP – Rounds)

Fire Rescue 25 Min AMRAP

Station 1 : Stair Climb

Both partners climb all the way to the top of the stairs, touch the door post on the rooftop and then climb back down the stairs. You may not proceed to the next station until both you are and your partner have finished the stairs.

(Hard Mode: you and your partner must carry a sandbag all the way up and back down)

Station 2 : CPR

Both you and your partner must do 15 V-ups and 15 chest compressions (push-ups). Proceed to the next station when you are finished.

(Hard Mode: 15 T2B and 15 Deficit Push-ups with 45# / 25# plates)

Station 3 : Rope Climb

Partner 1 does a rope climb, all the way to the top while partner 2 does 10 thrusters 55# / 75#. When partner 1 and 2 are both finished, they switch to do another rope climb and 10 more thrusters. Substitute 10 pull-ups or ring rows if you cannot perform a rope climb. Proceed to the next station when you are both finished.

(Hard Mode: Thrusters are 95# / 65#)

Station 4 : Stretcher Carry

This is a partner farmers walk. Using 2 loaded barbells, each barbell weighing 95# for guys and 65# for gals, carry the two barbells like a stretcher from the front door to the back wall and back to the front door. Proceed to the next station when you are done.

(Hard Mode: Barbells are 135# / 95# each)
This is longer workout, so pace yourselves. Each station completed counts as a “rescue” so keep track of your total rescues and score them as rounds in Wodify. Work together and help each other as much as possible. ALL WORK CAN BE SHARED as long as it is all completed. One partner can do 2 rope climbs while the other does all the thrusters. One partner can do all the push-ups while the other does all 30 V-ups. Keep it fun and safe.

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