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Partner WoD

Metcon (Time)

For Time

32 Partner Deadlifts 85% / 70%

800m Run

24 Push Jerks 155# / 95#

200 Double Unders

18 Thrusters 135# / 85#

100 Sit-ups

All work is shared and can be divided up however you and your teammate decide.

The Deadlifts can be lifted by both of you at the same time: a partner deadlift, or if you are strong enough, you may switch back and forth doing solo deadlifts. Rx weights are based off of you and your teammate’s combined body-weight. 85% for guys, 70% for gals.

The run is all the way to the end of the paved road and back, it must be done together.

The Push-Jerks must be cleaned from the floor, but once in the rack position you may do as many as possible before switching with your partner.

Share the 200 Double unders or 600 Singles however you and your teammate see fit.

Yes, those are heavy thrusters. If you struggle with the Rx weight, adjust accordingly, but try to go heavier than usual.

Share the sit-ups as you see fit.


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