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Metcon (Time)

Maximum Effort Plank Hold

This is extended plank, so you will be in the push-up position, not on the elbows.

When the timer starts, hold the push-up position for as long as possible, make note of the time when you can no longer hold the plank position and record your time.

BONUS: just because you can only hold the plank doesn’t mean you are done. After a short rest (10-15 seconds) you must continue to attempt holding the plank position as long as possible. This ends when the “last person standing” falls from from their initial plank.

So, if you hold the plank position the longest, you only have to do it once, otherwise, get back up there!


Partner WoD

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

20 Min AMRAP

5 Minutes for total reps

-Wall Balls 14# / 20#

5 Minutes for total reps


5 Minutes for total reps


5 Minutes for total reps


P1 is working on the reps for the movement.

P2 does a 200m run or 3 laps around the building.

When P2 returns from the run, he or she switches places with P1, and continues working on the reps for the movement.
This WoD is divided into 4 parts, for each part you and your partner are trying to get as many reps as possible for the movement. Only one partner can be doing the work at a time, the other must do the 200 meter run before they can switch places.

Communicate and keep track of the total reps you both do for each movement.

If there is an odd number of people in a group, 2 people may NOT do the work, but 2 people can run, twice. Only one does the work.

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