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Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

Card Game

Divide up into teams, using 1 deck of cards per 2 teams. Use 2 decks of cards and 4 groups if the class is big.

The card suite is for the movement to be done, and the card value is the number of reps.

Clubs – Front Squats 55# / 75#

Diamonds – Toes-to-Bar

Hearts – Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Spades – Hang Power Snatch 55# / 75#

Jokers – 20 Burpees

These are harder movements and will take longer, so plan accordingly. Each member of the group must complete the full number of reps represented on the card, other members of the group may help them finish their reps by doing them for them.

Rx+ is allowed in this WoD if an athlete wants to use heavier weight.
Score it this way, total number of reps for each movement. Example: 54 Front Squats, 38 Toes-to-Bar, 0 Burpees, etc.

This is the same game we’ve played before, just different movements! Enjoy!

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