Remote Coaching



Remote Coaching

Many people enjoy their time training with us in Amman at Crossfit Crescent, but then their job moves them somewhere else in the world.  They had world class coaching, programming, facilities, and a community to inspire and motivate them.  But with a move to a new place, they struggle to find the same level of excellence.  We are now ready to help by utilizing an amazing tool called True Coach.

Challenges for You

We can continue to help you solve the challenges you face in your new location.  Perhaps you live in Amman but have to travel for work.  You are struggling to have a consistent program and coach who can keep you on track while you jump from hotel to hotel and city to city.

We’re excited to help you reach your goals and overcome the challenges you face from your job situation.  Technology and our commitment to you enable us to help you wherever you are in the world

Remote coaching includes:

  1. Initial Consult/Assessment: a look into your current physical abilities, lifestyle, nutrition and overall goals.
  2. Individualized Programming: weekly programming that follows the Class WODs of Crescent.  This class WOD programming will give you the general health and fitness you are looking for.  It will be varied, challenging, and tailored to your equipment and facility constraints.  We will use the True Coach app for you to record your scores and give you specific feedback with your coaches.
  3. Olympic Lifting or Gymnastics or Endurance programming:  In addition to the general WODs, our coaches will provide you with a 15-20 minute extra program fit towards your goals.  You can choose a 6 week program of Olympic lifting, or Gymnastics, or Endurance programming.
  4. Nutrition- Your coach will provide general nutrition help.  However, if you want specific nutrition coaching, meal plans, habit tracking, and macro assessment we have another nutritional coaching service that will be perfect for you to hone your nutrition.
  5. Coaching/Support: our coaches provide consistent guidance and coaching. Athletes will perform their individual program on their own with support of their coach through the True Coach app on your phone.  You will be able to video your skill work, send to your coach, and receive feedback on your videos from your coach directly.

Call us at +962 79 722 8865 or send us an email at in order to learn more about our Remote Coaching and talk to a coach about your situation.