Rachel-Wife, Teacher, Mom of Toddler- How She’s in the Best Shape of Her Life

Rachel- Mom with Increased Fitness

Rachel is a teacher, new mom, and amazing athlete who grew up playing sports. She started for the Villanova University women’s basketball team and played all four years.  When she graduated, she had a hard time finding what to do with her energy and passion while making the transition to her career as a teacher.  Months and years went by without finding a solution and she felt it in her body and energy levels.

Mom & 10 Years of Looking for a Fitness Solution

Then she was invited to give CrossFit a try after ten years of looking and not finding a good solution.  Regular gyms were too boring.  Everyone works out by themselves.  The machines don’t help people progress very well.  No one knows what to focus on each session and it just takes too much time for such little results.  It took her ten years to find CrossFit. Now she’s regained her energy, body, and confidence and looks forward to each day at Crescent.

Even with a demanding job, a young family, she’s able to continue to progress her fitness and health while enjoying the process!  We love her energy, smile, and drive to improve each day. She brings her energy and we provide the plan, coaches to keep her safe, and community to cheer her on!  She’s learning new skills still and even completed her first Triathlon!

“Ready to Make You the Best You”

Rachel and Husband Chris make their fitness a priority and enjoy being together during this time!

“I am a secondary teacher of mathematics.  I’ve been doing CrossFit now for four years, and honestly wouldn’t change a single thing.  I feel like I’ve done more in the last four years as far as dedication to fitness and individual growth than I had in 10 years prior.  I love the Crescent  coaches.  They’re awesome, honestly.  I show up every day, every coach has a smile, whether its 6am or 7:30pm, if it’s yoga or weightlifting, gymnastics or a normal class.  They honestly want you to do the best you can do and be as safe as you can be.  If somebody was asking me if they were looking at trying Crescent, I would say just show up.  They are ready to push you, ready to make you the best you!”

At Crescent, we know everyone faces stress and a fast paced life that drains our energy, damages our bodies, and lowers our immunity. Our coaches guide you through efficient workouts & simple nutrition to build new habits and stronger immunity to achieve the body, energy, and lifestyle to live with courage in today’s world.

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