Are you excited for the Decapolis Games?

This is going to be one of the biggest fitness events in Jordan this year, gathering fitness entustiasts from all over the country for a day of fun and competition.

The Games will be a one day event on Friday, September 13th. It will test athletes’ strength and endurance through three workouts:

The Engines: this is an endurance-focused workout, consisting of a team run plus a team AMRAP involving biking, rowing, and swimming.

Transmission: this one involves moving heavy objects back and forth with burpee intermissions in between. This is a perfect mix of strength and endurance.

High Ladder: this workout is all about strength, consisting of team pullups and thrusters AMRAPs and a max clean for each athlete.

The competitions are going to be between teams of three competing in three divisions, Fun, Challenge, and All Men.

Fun and Challenge teams will be made up of two male and one female athletes, All Men, as you may guess, is between all-male teams.

Challenge and All Men will be doing all three workouts, while the Fun division will only do The Engines and Transmission.

We’ve been preparing for months to make sure the event is a big success.

Now it’s time for you to prepare. To help you do that, here’s a list of what you need to pack for the Games.

  • Olympic Lifting Shoes
  • Running Shoes
  • Knee Sleeves/other compression gear
  • Wrist Wraps
  • Gymnastics grips – check them to make sure they are in good shape and won’t break on you
  • Weight belt
  • Shorts- I can’t say enough about One-P shorts. Ever since we got custom Crescent Shorts- they are the only shorts I wear now. They are perfectly sized, breathe well, perfect for the varied demands of elite CrossFit Athletes.
  • Enough shirts, socks, underwear for multiple workouts a day
  • Athletic Tape- 2-3 rolls – tons of people forget this and they WILL ask to use yours, so go ahead and have enough so you can be generous!
  • Pre Workout mix
  • Sunglasses- it will be bright!
  • Small towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Goggles – make sure they fit you well for the swim
  • Sunscreen – SPF 50 or higher
  • Portable phone charger- there’s no good place to plug in your phone

Our Sponsors

Big thank you to our sponsors for making this event a success by supporting our athletes in different ways.

Dimitri’s Coffee

They will keep our contestants refreshed and alert with their cold brew coffee. There will be other coffee-related freebies for athletes to take home.⠀

The Wod Guys

They will have a bunch of gifts for Decapolis Games top athletes, ranging from some very cool pieces of equipment to discount vouchers for their shop

Nemer 5.11 Tactical

Winners of the Decapolis Games will receive high quality 5.11 Tactical t-shirts.⠀

Our wonderful judges and volunteers will receive 5.11 Tactical polo shirts.⠀

Other participants will receive Decapolis Games velcro patches specially made by Nemer.⠀


They will be supporting the Decapolis Games by offering different medical packages to the top three teams in each division, including their famous Sahtek Bil Denia check up package. Other athletes will receive a beautiful bag.

Action Physiotherapy

They will be keeping our athletes in top shape with therapy, taping, and massage throughout the day.


This is an organization dear to our heart. They provide hope to refugess by improving their lives through fitness and  exercise. Please considr donating here.


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