• Massive Hanger: Our 1500m facility boasts a perfect CFC Class space, multi purpose room, MMA area, open gym area filled with Rogue Equipment, turf space and massive locker rooms.
  • Convenient Location: Between 8th Circle and the Arab Revolt Circle- 75m from the King’s Highway at the Ahli Club. You have easy access into and out of the facility avoiding the busy circles and traffic
  • Running Space: Inside and outside our facility we have plenty of safe running space which is hard to find in Amman.
  • Open Gym space and hours- advanced athletes have lots of space and time to choose to complete the additional programming to reach your goals.
  • Clean Locker rooms with ample Showers – 8 showers for men, 4 for women- with ice baths after an especially difficult workout!
  • Free Parking: We have abundant parking in front of and beside our facility available for our members.
  • Cafe– for your pre and post WOD meals!
  • Multi Purpose Room: available for Advanced classes, Essentials, personal training, and our Women’s Only classes
  • Equipment: our American made equipment will work just as hard as you do!
  • Turf Space: for sprints, prowler work, sleds and so much more!