Nutrition and Supplements-Frequent Questions

We regularly get asked certain questions about nutrition and wanted to answer them for all of you.

You can read about the basics of the Zone diet which is the best most balanced way to achieve your results.

We even created a healthy Restaurant and Grocery guide specific to Amman Jordan to help you get started with eating well. Sign up and we’ll send you the free download!  We give you the 8 best grocery stores and 8 best restaurants in Amman for healthy living.  You will find their locations, ratings, cost, selections, quality and much more.

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Do you recommend any supplements?

A couple supplements can definitely help you make faster improvement in your strength and body composition. But before we focus on them, master the basic sof nutrition and make the proper changes.  If your diet is crap, then you will get the most benefit by fixing your diet before you ever take a supplement.

What should I eat before a workout?

If you are worried about pre and post-workout nutrition and timing but you’re still only having a slice of bread and cheese for lunch then you’re completely missing the point. Get the basics right first and then let the details follow. For optimum performance, in the 24 hours prior to a workout you should eat Zone proportion meals from clean food sources, just as we recommend you eat every day. The only real question is what volume of food should you eat prior to a workout, and the answer is unique to every athlete.

Almost nobody prefers eating immediately prior to a workout, in the 30 minutes or less before 3, 2, 1, GO! Most athletes eat an hour or more prior to the workout. Some athletes find they must eat prior to the WOD in order to avoid nausea. However, your performance will suffer if you don’t consume some fuel before the WOD, so make sure you’ve eaten a quality meal sometime in the 1-3 hours prior. Only experimentation and finding what works for you will yield the answer.

What should I eat after a workout?

Just like in most of life, results aren’t achieved through one masterfully planned and incredibly executed event, but rather through an endless string of small but intelligent decisions all day, every day.

The objective of post-workout nutrition is to optimize recovery by replenishing glycogen stores and providing protein to begin tissue repair. This improves the results of your next workout, decreases hunger throughout your day, and improves body composition. The two things you absolutely need after your workout are

  • Fast absorbing carbohydrate
  • Fast absorbing protein.
  • Chocolate milk!  it might sound crazy but it works- its a great balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

What do you think about Protein Supplements?Gold Standard whey protein

When you finish a workout, some research points to a window of 15-30 minutes after the workout as the prime time to drink a protein shake. These protein shakes are meant as a supplement to your nutrition- not a replacement for bad or no nutrition. They aren’t meant to replace entire meals. This extra protein allows our muscles to rebuild more quickly and fully then if we don’t drink them.

What about Creatine Supplements?


Creatine is made up of three amino acids and plays an extremely important role in providing energy for your body.   Adding extra Creatine to your diet has been shown to be very effective in enabling bigger muscle gain and so far it has been shown safe.  We believe it can be a great part of your supplementation.  CrossFit Invictus has a fantastic blog explaining everything about Creatine.

What is Fish Oil?

The short story is that your body needs Omega 3 fatty acids for all of life’s important functions: thinking, tissue repair, everything. The human diet 40,000 years ago provided us with plenty of Omega 3s. Our modern diet provides us with very little, even when eating healthy as CrossFitters do. Fish oil is the single best way to get the Omega 3s that your body needs. There’s a resource called “Why Fish Oil?” that will explain the nitty gritty facts behind why we use it and how we use it. Give it a read for the full story. The short story is that fish oil is the single easiest step you can take towards a solid CrossFit diet.  You can read a shorter post that simplifies things. Fish oil

What do I do about my family?

Start by educating yourself. Secondly, help your children, spouse, parents, or house helper begin to be educated. Don’t force things on people. You can start with trying to help and help make small changes to your meals. Don’t be afraid to do your own grocery shopping! These are difficult barriers, even if you do everything correctly. It’s important for loved ones to know that your desire is simply to improve your health and fitness.

As for kids, feed them the same quality foods, but don’t worry about regimenting total volume of food for a growing child. Just make sure they eat good quality food and get some protein, fat, and quality carbs (fruits and vegetables) at every meal. If you think they’ll protest when you serve them grilled chicken and vegetables rather than chicken McNuggets and macaroni and cheese, then we suggest you be a leader and stand your ground on what’s best for your child–not what satiates their desire or temper tantrum at that moment. Sometimes being a leader is tough. I promise, they’ll eventually get hungry enough to eat what you serve.

What do I do when I’m at a friend’s house as a guest- to eat Mansif?

Armed with what you know about your nutrition, make small changes. When you’re invited to a friends house and all they have is rice and bread- try to come having eaten better food already. n your next to the platter of mansif, take small handfuls of rice, and a bit bigger portion of meat, and don’t drown the handful in jameed- even if it’s from Karak!. Eat lots of salad, and stay away from the Pepsi! Drink water instead! These are some beginning tips to changing your lifestyle that will add up in the months and years ahead.

If you are new to Amman, or just starting your journey in fitness in Amman, you should check out our 5 Fitness Tips for Living In Amman.

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