Noor Dajani-Lead Coach


Noor Dajani-Lead Coach

Nutrition Coach


Noor has dedicated the last 6 years of her life to training and teaching different aspects of fitness. She is a Certified personal trainer through ISSA, Certified CrossFit Trainer (L3) CrossFit, Precision Nutrition Level 1, USAW club coach, also a certified instructor in CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Gymnastics, Spinning, TRX, Indorow and CrossFit Kettlebell.

Noor is passionate about making people fitter. She leads our Nutrition Program at CrossFit Crescent. She has been afforded the opportunity to study and train with some of the best instructors of CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting in the world. She consistently pursues knowledge and training to not only better herself but to better those around her.

She has two beautiful children and an amazing husband!


Certified CrossFit Trainer- L3

Precision Nutrition Level 1

CrossFit Gymnastics

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Club Coach