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2 Conditioning pieces today, everyone does this one together. Sport group should use a heavier weight on the goblet squats if possible.

Metcon (Weight)

6 Min EMOM

12 Goblet Squats 35#/44# 53#/70#

6 Burpees
Score weight used, everyone should be able to complete all 6 rounds


Fitness WoD

Metcon (Time)

21 – 15 – 9

Wall Balls 14# / 20#

American KBS 35# / 53#

Double Unders

Sport WoD

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


15 American KBS 35# / 53#

Squatting Broad Jump – Room Length

30 Double Unders

Squatting Broad Jump – Room Length
Set up a KB on one side of the room and a Jump Rope on the other, you may only Squat Broad Jump to reach your other piece of equipment to do your reps. Make sure you have enough room to do this. If for some reason there is not enough room, substitute 10 Jumping Air Squats per Broad Jump session.


Everyone: A small strength / endurance test for after the workout. You have 2 attempts to do as many consecutive Wall Balls as possible. Without stopping or dropping the med ball. Only counting the reps that hit the target.

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