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In groups of at least 3, alternate between Bench Press, KB Row, and spotting on the Bench Press.

Bench Press (5 x 65%, 5 x 75%, 5+ x 85%)

Same Wendler cycle as usual, all percentages are taken from your 90% 1RM. The last set is for maximum reps, so give it all you have, do more than 5. You will record your total number of reps at that weight.

Kettle Bell Row (3 x 10 Left and 10 Right)

Kettle Bell Row using a box or bench for support.
Alternate between Kettle Bell Rows and Bench Press Sets. Do 3 sets of Kettle Bell Rows using a box for support. Make sure to do 10 per arm before going back to Bench Press.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 Min AMRAP

-5 Strict Chin-ups

-10 Hand Release Push-ups

-20 Lunges
Substitute Banded Chin-ups for the Strict Chin-ups.