Is CrossFit worth the money?

We all know there are cheaper alternative gyms to CrossFit. It is not cheap, but is it worth it?

We have all probably heard many different things about CrossFit, but what part of the hype is true?

The first workout

So, you decide to join your first CrossFit class. Maybe it seems intimidating, but you begin with the fundamentals class where the coach teaches you all the basics. Then you start joining group classes lead by a coach and you look around at all the people who seems so fit! Then the soreness sets in and you wonder when you’re going to stop being sore.

You push through the soreness

As you keep going you learn how difficult the workouts can be and at the same time you start to enjoy the challenge. You get a bit more confident in the gym and you push harder and the soreness starts to fade. You start to see some results with your body and mind.

Your habits start to change

As you begin to see results and a coach helps you to change things in order get the results you’re looking for. So, you start changing your eating habits, you drink more water, and you start getting more sleep so you can make it to the gym.

You stop going out for fast food, you stop eating so many sweets, and drinking sugary drinks. You don’t really need the things you used to spend money on to make the day better.

Months down the road

Your lifestyle is different and now CrossFit is a big part of it. You start looking forward to the gym and it becomes a part of the day you don’t want to skip. It helps you to destress, to get energized, and you’re feeling better. You have stopped getting fast food, because now you know how to prep good food that keeps you full.

The gym has become a community that you can’t give up and you are putting your money towards your health instead of junk food.

Is it worth the hype?

CrossFit classes are based on the community of group classes and coach led workouts. There’s no guessing what you should do at the gym that day, there’s people to cheer you on and push you, and no matter what level you’re at you can scale the workout to be a challenge for you. Each workout is a new challenge and hits different parts of the body so you’re never bored.

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