You may have recently learned about Crossfit through the media or from a friend.  You might be wondering is CrossFit right for your own fitness goals. There are a few things you would want to know before deciding on the right CrossFit gym for you in Amman.

If you aren’t quite sure what Crossfit is about, it’s defined as a wide variety of functional movements used to build strength at high intensity intervals. Boxes, or Crossfit gyms, are where daily workouts occur with a group of like minded participants.  You can read more about how we define fitness at CrossFit Crescent if you’d like.

Who is ready?

It can be intimidating to jump into Crossfit! After all, the stereotype is that most people who participate in this program are skilled athletes or fit individuals. You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to start this program, so don’t let the intimidation factor play a role in your decision. Although, if you’re looking for a physical challenge, you’ll certainly find it in Crossfit. The sheer size of the Crossfit community makes it perfect for those who thrive with connection and competition. The group setting of box workouts can be extremely motivating, and when you’ve found the right group, you’ll feel supported on a day to day basis.

Finding the Vibe

It’s important to not be discouraged if the first box you try out doesn’t vibe well with you. Every box is different because of the coach, workout space, structure of workouts, and class size. So, try a few before you make a final decision!

Is Crossfit worth trying?

Some people are concerned about cost when it comes to Crossfit.  CrossFit boxes can be more expensive than a standard gym membership.  At a regular gym you are basically renting their equipment.  We are providing you with a proven program, a high level of coaching expertise, and a community that will continue to push you and support you.  No more training alone!  We promise our training is far more effective, efficient, and structured than just heading to the gym and switching between machines. It truly is an investment into your health!

The First Step

At Crescent, we know everyone faces stress and a fast paced life that drains our energy.  Our coaches guide you through efficient workouts & simple nutrition to build new habits to achieve the body, energy, and lifestyle to live with courage in today’s world.  Step one is call us at 079 722 8865 to schedule your consultation.  Or you can sign up for the time that fits your schedule.  We will sit with you to hear your goals, your fitness history, and help you know the right next step! 

If you need a fitness event to help motivate you, check out our special Running Guide for Amman. We’ve got many details for you including Jordan fitness events and the best places to run.  We picked the top 8 places to run in Amman.  Then given you a map of the routes, distances, running surface, where to park, and so much more!

We even created a healthy Restaurant and Grocery guide specific to Amman, Jordan to help you get started. Sign up and we’ll send you the free download!  We give you the 8 best grocery stores and 8 best restaurants in Amman for healthy living.  You will find their locations, ratings, cost, selections, quality and much more.

There’s only one way to ascertain whether or not it will work with your personality and fitness goals, and that is to try it out yourself. For more information on fitness, head over to also.



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