To inspire means “to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, usually something creative or difficult.”  What if we could begin to inspire each other and those most important to us to do creative and difficult things?  We all have heroes who have inspired us and they mean so much to us, but often our greatest inspiration comes from ordinary people who are choosing to do the hard things each day that are best for them and for those around them.  They take the road less travelled.

Inspiring Better Health in Jordan

The obesity and diabetes rate in Jordan puts us at top ten in the world in LEAST healthy population.  This will have devastating affects on our families, on our economy, and on our country.  Research says Jordan is the HIGHEST in the WORLD for Diabetes rates. There must be a plan to get Jordan healthy again. At Crescent we want to inspire this and the next generation to greater and greater levels of health and fitness.

Sara Inspires Her Family and Co-Workers

In her own words, Sara says “I wake up each morning and head to work knowing I have a happy hour waiting for me at Crescent.  I can release stress, see friends, and have maximum energy throughout the day for work and family.  I can hike and do things I never thought I could do before.  Instead of staying home and watching TV or movies, I get to be active.  My parents thought it was just a phase for me when I started at Crescent.  Just like all the other gyms I had gone to and quite a few weeks later- but I will never stop now.  I’ve become an inspiration to my friend, colleagues, and family.  They wonder why and how I have this energy.  Now they know it’s because of my training at Crescent.”

Let Us Help you Inspire Others

We are here to change your health and the health of Jordan.  Its time we all understood the challenge facing Jordan begins with our health!

Call us at 079 722 8865 or learn about our Essentials program which introduces complete beginners to fitness and the proper diet.  We offer a free initial consultation to you!