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5 Grocery Shopping Tips for CrossFit Diet

If we can fuel your body properly, you will feel and look great.   We view nutrition as the base of fitness.   But exactly how can we best help you do this?  Well, first you may need some help understand the basics of nutrition for life and for CrossFit.  You may have heard of the Paleo Diet or even the Zone Diet.  Learning the basics of nutrition is where we start, however, we must also learn HOW to implement these new ways of eating and living.  We want to give you some basic grocery tips to implement your new diet when you go grocery shopping6a00d8341d2ea753ef01348767169d970c

Plan Ahead- Grocery Tips #1

Have a plan for what meals you want to make and take a grocery list with you to the store. This will help you only buy the ingredients you need, and keep you from wasting money by buying items you won’t or shouldn’t eat. Plan out your weekly meal prepping session with all of the ingredients you will need and stick to your list to ensure a week of healthy eating. Don’t go to the store hungry, everything looks good when you’re starving.

Stay Around The Meat and Produce Section-  Grocery Tips #2

This is a tried and true trick to keeping your cart full of fresh fruit, veggies and protein. All of the junk food in Jordan tends to be at the front of the grocery store and all of the fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits are in the back.

Fruit and vegetable market, Amman, Jordan, Middle East
Fruit and vegetable market, Amman, Jordan, Middle Eas

Go For Seasonal Fruits and Veggies-  Grocery Tips #3

Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables, which will help you buy the freshest items in the store and also keep your grocery bill low. The less distance your groceries have to travel to get to your plate the less money it will cost you and the fresher, more vibrant your food will be.  Take advantage of the amazing fruit and vegetable stalls around your neighborhood!  We have a great one right next to CFC also!

Buy in Bulk- Grocery Tips #4

Stock up on organic protein in bulk, which will help you save money. By preparing protein in batches or freezing some of your favorite cuts of meat you can always have protein on hand. Also, stockup on raw nuts inbulk.  This is one of our favorite grocery tips.

Don’t Forget The Freezer-  Grocery Tips #5

images-3If you have a hard time finding fresh or seasonal vegetables (especially in colder months) don’t forget that frozen vegetables are a healthy and affordable option. Usually frozen vegetables are picked when ripe and flash frozen to seal in freshness.  Carrefour always has strawberries, and often mango.  We regularly freeze bananas and have milk on hand to make and freeze protein smoothies.

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We even created a healthy Restaurant and Grocery guide specific to Amman Jordan to help you get started. Sign up and we’ll send you the free download!  We give you the 8 best grocery stores and 8 best restaurants in Amman for healthy living.  You will find their locations, ratings, cost, selections, quality and much more.

Crescent Grocery Guide

If you are new to Amman, or just starting your journey in fitness and live in Amman, you should check out our 5 Fitness Tips for Living In Amman.

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