Getting Started at CrossFit Crescent- Essentials

Ahmad had a busy life with 3 kids, a fulfilling career, and lots of family to visit in Jordan. Slowly he felt his energy and strength diminishing. He also found himself buying pants a size larger than last year. His hips and back sometimes hurt him also. He knew he needed to change.

If you can relate to any of this- we want to help. The first step is to book a free 15 minute consultation. Most people ready to start exercising will start with 4 Personal Training sessions with one of our Coaches. And today I want to explain a bit more about our Essentials. We are each in different places in our fitness journey. Some people have been training at a regular gym with machines for years and they are ready to try something different and find us. Other people have never been active in their life, and are a bit afraid to even set foot in a gym. This is why we get you started with just you and a coach.

Essentials- the Warmup

Your coach will help assess exactly where you are at in the journey. Your strength, flexibility, endurance, and nutrition habits among other things all contribute to your current state of fitness. In each training session, you’ll warm up under their watchful eye. We’ll use this warmup time to get to know you better and get your body ready to make progress.

Essentials- The New Skill

Next your coach will teach you some new foundational movements that are tailored to your current knowledge and experience. Perhaps its been years since you last did certain weightlifting movements and you just need a refresher to get your confidence back up. Perhaps you don’t know how to properly squat or pick something up off the ground in a way that will protect and strengthen your back rather than hurt it. We’ll take time to teach you the fundamental movements we will use the rest of your life to increase your fitness.

Essentials- the Workout

After the skill portion, you’ll then go through a timed workout using these new skills. You will sweat and get out of breath as we create fun and new workouts for you. We promise to keep you safe and that the workouts are suited for everyone.

After Essentials

Once you complete these 4 one on one sessions, you and your coach will talk about the next best step. It could be you are ready for further personal training sessions or perhaps you are excited to join our Group Class training sessions. You may also identify that your most important need is nutrition. Our coaches are ready to help you with your nutrition.

Essentials- How to Get Started

You can find the button at the top right of this page to choose the best time for yourself. We can’t wait to hear from you! We’ll talk about your goals, what you have been doing for fitness, and help you figure out the next steps on your journey.

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