Your First Week of CrossFit- Pain, Gain, or Vain?

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So you’ve decided to give this CrossFit thing a try!  First, Congratulations!  We think you are going to have lots of fun and have a great experience.  Second, Thank you.  We know trying new things can be hard and scary and you are placing your trust in us.18503_828232240577086_7945042233343999127_n

What to Know

There are a few things you should know.  Crossfit is hard for EVERYONE the first week.  Couch potatoes, soldiers, and athletes of all sports find their first week extremely challenging. Our bodies are just not used to this kind of challenge.  The skills are new and the intensity of the workouts are new.  So please don’t feel like you’ve done something wrong or that you aren’t normal when the first week is hard.

Post Workout

Immediately after a workout, you’ll feel fantastic- perhaps for the next 6-8 hours.  Endorphins are the reason.   Endorphins are amazingly good for us. They:

  • Give us a feeling of happiness and euphoria
  • Help us deal with the bad effects of stress by reducing the amount of cortisol in our bloodstream which is released when we are under stress.
  • Enhance our immune system response so we’re better able to fight off sickness 
  • Help us deal with any pain we feel- which helps us with DOMS (read below to understand!)

Additionally, One recent study showed that people who work out in groups had double the release of endorphins!   The relative intensity of CrossFit workouts also release endorphins en masse.

When you wake up the following morning- for the next 24-48 hours you soreness will peak- its called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).  Working out causes micro tears in your muscle fibers and your body responds by building up those muscle fibers more strongly the next time.  However, this is inflammation and pain before you get the gain!  If you don’t come back in for a WOD, your body will continue to feel soreness for up to 5 days!  Get back in the box as fast as you can!  We will show you how to use a foam roller to help massage out the knots in your muscles.  This is why we focus so much on our mobility work before and after workouts.  Additionally, you can begin taking Fish Oil Supplements which helps our body deal with the inflammation.

Our Staff are here to help in all things!

Expect Soreness

This means you are doing everything right.  You may even have trouble squatting to sit- but we promise it’s probably not an injury.  Your body is adjusting to the new demands you are placing on it. When you feel the soreness, its time to come to the box, get those endorphins running to help ease the pain, feel happy, boost your immune system, and make your day even more productive at work (we’ll talk more about this in another blog post!)

There will be pain, but its because you are on your way to the gain.  If you feel the pain, and don’t come back quickly enough, the pain will be in vain.  Even after just a few weeks of inactivity, we can lose big chunks of our fitness progress!  Don’t let it all be in vain!  We’re building the habit that will lead to huge gains!  Our Essentials Program takes you from your couch and will teach, train, and equip you for a new life of health and fitness!


As you start this journey to greater fitness- you’ll also want to start with your nutrition.  We created a healthy Restaurant and Grocery guide specific to Amman Jordan to help you get started. Sign up and we’ll send you the free download!

Crescent Grocery Guide

If you are new to Amman, or just starting your journey in fitness in Amman, you should check out our 5 Fitness Tips for moving to Amman.  We can help make your transition smooth!

If you haven’t tried CrossFit yet but want to get started visit our Programs Page and get started with our Essentials!  Call us at 079 722 8865

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