We’re in the last week of the CrossFit Open for 2019 and want to bring you the very best 19.5 tips and strategy!  We’ve scoured the best videos and tips to give you the best insight below.  The workout details are:

CrossFit Open Workout 19.5:

33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of: Thrusters and Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes

Workout 19.5 Details: https://games.crossfit.com/workouts/open/2019/5


We all love the workout Fran, and this is a Fran on steroids!  Its more than a double Fran!  So pacing in this workout will be the absolute key to putting together your best score.  You’ll need to accurately decide what are your strengths and weaknesses between your thrusters and chest to bar pull ups (or jumping pull ups for scaled).  From your strengths you can go after bigger sets, but you must guard your weakness in order to not hit a wall and stop in this workout.  Let’s get after the last Open workout!

Cole Sager 19.5 Tips


3 Rounds of 10-15 Calorie Bike sprints- to get the heart rate up

Crossover Symmetry for shoulders and hips on this

  • Want to pace this in such a way to get to the round of 15 and speed things up
  • Come out jogging in first two rounds- then in the round of 21 pick up pace but not so strong that you can’t increase in the 15 to where you are picking it up into high gear.
  • Take your Fran time and multiply it by four- that’s what you should expect for length of time


  • Take some deep breathes to settle your heart rate when transition into CTB. CTB will still be metabolic if you can string together CTB.
  • You must pick sets that will allow you to break versus the workout forcing it on you.
  • Keep your chest as vertical as possible and spread to keep front rack and allow best bar path and ability to breathe.
  • Don’t’ pause for long time at the top which increases time under tension.Drop the bar to rest on this. Keep breaks quick.

Chest to Bars

  • Stay long- kick, pop, pull


Comptrain 19.5 Tips


  • 60MPH in first, 70 MPH in second, 80MPH in third, 90 MPH in fourth, 100MPH in


  • Get great front rack ready to keep shoulders fresh for CTB


  • Don’t hit the wall here
  • Pace these as if you were doing 100 for time- what would be the set number you would choose- that’s where we start
  • Be consistent with your sets, biggest enemy is long breaks or hitting the wall
  • Set up so that there isn’t much of a jump to the bar which wastes energy
  • Shake your arms out between sets


WodPrep 19.5 Tips


  • Have a plan, stick with it


  • Throttle your energy at the beginning- hold yourself back- do not go unbroken
  • Have a rep scheme ahead of time for sure
  • If you can do Fran unbroken
  • Work out a descending rep scheme- like for 33-  do 12,11,10  have a friend calling it out
  • Don’t go too fast- be controlled, breathe and have a rhythm
  • Wear Oly shoes for stability- don’t take them off for CTB


  • Use box drop in if you need to
  • If you can do less than 10 CTB in a row- think strongly about very fast singles
  • Sets of 5 are key

Jumping Pull Ups

  • Don’t need to hit chest on bar- just get chin over bar


19.5 Scorecard



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