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Bored with the same machines at the gym? We combine the best elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, and running- to dramatically improve your fitness and health.




Aeona, a Senior at Amman Bacc. School joined CFC without much of any athletic background. She had a frozen shoulder and an injured wrist. But we could see her potential! Over her first 4 months she dropped three dress sizes! Her dedication and results in her health and fitness have inspired her sister, mom, and dad to all join her! Her shoulder and wrist are totally healed now. We helped her scaled her exercises while the shoulder and wrist healed and regained their range of motion and strength. Simple functional movements were able to restore these joints without a need for Physical therapy or surgery! You can see results like this too!
Aeona Winchcombe
Some people walk through our doors with weight loss goals and see success. However others desire to see muscle gain. The most important thing is that I gained weight. Before CrossFit I was 47kg and now I’m 52.3kg. So there is a difference and to be honest I am so happy about it. I feel stronger than ever and before the challenge I used to eat 2 to 3 bars of chocolate per day, but now I only eat one! ? No matter what your fitness goals may be, CrossFit Crescent will see you get there.
Aseel Hobraq
When I first joined CrossFit, I thought that’s it! That’s how I will lose weight, working out is the way but I was wrong, while working out is a very main aspect of becoming healthy and fit, the coaches made it clear from day one that working out with no good nutrition won’t be enough. So I started before the Vitality challenge and I lost 5 kilos by the time it started, but it was getting harder and the challenge kept me going. I ended up losing 9 kilos in total and I’ve never been healthier. I crossfit because I love a challenge, and that’s what I’ve found in crossfit. I am able to do so many moves I never imagined possible for me thanks to the amazing CFC coaches and other members, they’re the best!
Wajdi Mansour