Crescent Updated Schedule March 15th- COURAGE over Covid

COURAGE over Covid

Hello Everyone! Hope you had a great day! We had two amazing classes tonight! We’re excited to build out our weekly schedule in the coming days. Each day the workout will be on Triib and there will be a kids scaling option in case your kids or other new people want to join you. We expect to add more classes in the days to come as your schedules solidify and as you try the different class times. If you have questions or comments you can ask any coach or call us at 079 722 8865. We will keep the class sizes enjoyable for you so that you can continue to be coached and continue to make progress over these next two weeks. Thanks for your patience everyone and we truly look forward to the fun of these coming two weeks!  We will be with you each step of the way as we choose COURAGE over Covid!


9am Class on Zoom with Coach Noor and Coach Somaya

5:30pm Facebook Live class with Coach Saif and Coach Faisal again just like tonight. 

6:30pm Zoom class at a Different link with Saif and Faisal

Members Outside Jordan

For those of you who want to join us from outside Jordan- You can click here to sign up and join us!  And we’ll send you all the details of the links where you can join us!  Right now we’re only allowing people who hav been members of Crescent from before- or who have done CrossFit before and want to get coaching over these few weeks of Covid!

At Crescent, we know everyone faces stress and a fast paced life that drains our energy and damages our bodies.  Our coaches guide you through efficient workouts & simple nutrition to build new habits to achieve the body, energy, and lifestyle to live with courage in today’s world.

It all starts with a Free VIP Consultation with our staff which we’re now doing online during these few weeks.  You can do a consultation with us from the comfort of your own home!.   Call us at 079 722 8865 to schedule it! Or you can click the link on the page and schedule it yourself and we’ll be in touch!

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