Crescent ReOpening Guidelines


Updated as of June 9th, 2020- As we are opening again for group and personal training inside our facility these are the precautions our staff and members will be required to take.

Entrance and Exit Protocol

•Athletes must wear mask & glove coming into and out of the gym.    No Mask & Gloves = No Entry

•Temperature Scan will happen at the reception.      Red Temperature Alert = No Entry

•No changing room, no showers; come dressed properly for your workout.

•Socializing before and after classes inside the gym is prohibited.  Athletes finishing their class must to leave immediately, allowing next group to join.

•Athletes of consecutive classes will not merge.

•Only person with name on TRIIB will be allowed inside; friends, kids, parents..etc. are not allowed to be inside while you workout.

Booking & Joining Classes Protocol

•Classes will be strictly capped at 8 Athletes / Class. Gym floor will be split into 8 workout stations.

•Everyone must use TRIIB to book a spot (RSVP) for the class.    No RSVP on TRIIB = No Entry

•Athlete with inactive membership planning to join a class and renew their membership, must book their spot through phone call.

•Athletes must cancel their booking if they cannot make it at least 30 minutes prior to class time, allowing others to join for their spot. Athletes who do not show up to a class without canceling their booking will be banned from joining any classes for the following two days.

•Athletes cannot book multiple class time, only book one class per day. Athletes with multiple bookings will be banned from joining any classes for the following two days.

Open Gym Protocol

•There will be daily Open Gym Times available, check TRIIB.  Open Gym times will be capped at 8 people as well. Athletes need to book using TRIIB to attend.

•No athletes are allowed inside for open gym during active class times. Only the 8 athletes attending the classes are allowed.

Workout Protocol

•Disinfecting equipment before and after use.

•During Workout each athlete must stay within the designated workout station inside the red boxes.

•Inside your workout station you need to take off your gloves and masks.

•Class time will be limited to 40 minutes of workout; allowing time for equipment disinfecting process, and athletes departure.

Other Guidelines

•No one allowed to touch TV, iPad, or any gym gadgets other than the coaches. Athletes can only touch their equipment inside their workout station which they will be disinfecting.

•Coaches will sign athletes in TRIIB.

•Athletes must use their phones to log their scores into TRIIB

•No shared chalk buckets available. Feel free to bring your chalk, workout gloves or whatever you need.

Bear with these strict guidelines, until things get at eased soon hopefully. You will be informed with any changes in the coming days and weeks!  Can’t wait to see you all!


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