Crescent Online Training- Raw Feedback from March

With the COVID-19 situation so unknown in Jordan as of today, we thought it would be a great time to share with everyone your responses to our questionnaire after we finished the almost three months locked down. We loved reading your responses to our questions and hope this helps you as you think about the coming weeks. We’ve been through this before. We can figure out how to survive and thrive again!

Online Training- What you Liked

You can see motivation is the number one thing people enjoyed about the online training we provided back in the spring. Don’t underestimate how much having a coach, a workout ready, and other people with you will help you stay motivated!

Online Training- Why You Didn’t

There were lots of reasons given for NOT training. Only around 5% of people who weren’t training with our classes, were training on their own. It’s so easy to find reasons, even good ones, to not stay healthy and fit during a time like this. But you have the power to make your own choice now.

Online Training- What Was Your Purpose?

Around 40% wanted customized or personalized workouts, 35% wanted to keep going with the Zoom classes. And another 1 in 5 realized they needed and wanted to work on their nutrition while stuck at home. We anticipate very similar desires for these coming weeks.

Online Training- Further Feedback

You can see what people wrote when asked “Anything else you want to receive regarding your fitness?” These are all the answers unedited.

As a staff, we missed training with you in person and being able to provide coaching value in person is different than through a computer. This time, we want to provide even further attention, personalization, and tweak what you need from us so we can all thrive during this time! We’re with you and will be announcing further details as they necessary! You might want to refresh your memory with how to Prepare to Train at Home.

No matter where you are in the world, if you’d like to learn about how we can help you online- You can check out our online training and simply sign up from that page to have a free online consultation. We’ll help you figure out how we can best help!

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