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Crescent New Ownership- 2021 Transition

In October 2014, we opened CrossFit Crescent believing that people deserve to be independent and courageous.  Our motto “Intensity with Humility” helped everyone know that we would push through hard things while remaining humble to continue learning.  We believed that physical strength and discipline translates into discipline and strength in every other area of life.  Researchers call exercise one of the two “Keystone” habits that once begun, begins to change our habits in other important areas of life.  We knew that Jordan ranked among the world’s worst countries in obesity as well as smoking and we wanted to make a difference.

Now after six years of changing lives- of helping people of all races, sizes, and tribes- it’s time for Crescent to continue its mission but in the hands of new owners who will continue this calling.  It’s been a tremendous honor to serve the Jordan Special Forces, government leaders, and the everyday employees and business owners who make Jordan so special.  Due to several reasons, it was time to move our family home to the USA and miraculously this next step for Crescent has become apparent.  These new owners and their passion are the absolute best outcome I could imagine for 2021 and beyond.

In fact, the initiatives coming in 2021 for our community at Crescent and Amman, I simply can’t wait to come back and visit you all!  Crescent will continue its passion for changing the culture of Jordan’s health and fitness one life at a time- as well as through our partnerships with companies like Medlabs.  The new owners are passionate about seeing lives change through the keystone habits just as we have been.

2020 has been crazy.  And we’ve made it through together.  I’m very thankful for the chance to have served you and equip you and your families to deal with COVID- to not live in fear- to know that you have prepared your bodies to deal with sickness faster and better than anyone else.  As you eat well, exercise, and sleep well- your bodies are ready for anything this world can throw at you.  You are each making a deep impact on our communities through your health and commitment.  We must remain true to the aim of forging lifelong fitness which gives us the courage to face all the tough things in life.  It also gives us the joy to appreciate all the great things in life. 

Day to day, our amazing coaches will continue coaching and serving you.  You will begin to hear more and more about the coming year and how Crescent plans to serve you better than ever.  We are as excited as ever to see you set and crush your goals in 2021 as you aim for not just health- but fitness- a “super health and wellness” even.  We know you are preparing yourselves and your families to be capable of serving others long into the future.  Of not being dependent on others for the daily activities of life.  The investment you are making now in your health will dramatically pay off in the months and years ahead for you and your families!  Imagine the possibilities of what you can do and the strength of character being forged in you each day as you train.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart- Joseph Peer

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