Crescent Announcement – COVID March 14th, 2020

Dear Crescent Community

The coronavirus is creating a lot of chaos, but there are many bright spots.  Here are just a few:

No. 1: You’ve prioritized your health and fitness. You’ve done everything you can to prepare for anything. You’re strong and healthy, and you have an iron will earned through training. That virus is going to have a fight on its hands if it runs into you.

No. 2:  We’ll be very prepared to help our clients stay fit as governments work to manage the pandemic.

No. 3: Spring is on the way, and we’ll be able to use large, well ventilated outside spaces more than likely.  We’re working on this.

No. 4: We’re talking to the best gym owners and business mentors daily to learn how we can serve you best right now. can expect a world-class response to the coronavirus. Read on.

General Procedures

In the short term, please observe the following:

  1. The Jordan government has just ordered all schools, universities, and gyms among many other things to shut down for two weeks starting tomorrow March 15th, 2020. Tomorrow at 5:30pm and 6:30pm we will have online classes.  See Details below.
  1. We will use the internet to program and instruct workouts specifically to be done at home. We take a lot of pride in being a rock for our clients, and we’ll make sure you keep working out even if the government wants you to do it at home. You pay us for coaching, and we will deliver it without interruption. The details of the times of the classes will be finalized tomorrow evening.  We are going to try two different ways of having online classes and want to find the best ones for you.
  2. We will program workouts every day, with precise instruction. We’ll tell you how to use household items, and we’ll leverage technology to coach you. We are more than prepared for this.
  3. The most important thing we can do is keep our immune systems optimized for the sake of ourselves and our families and community.  We ask you to stick with us during this time and not put your membership on hold.   These workouts and this coaching will only be for Crescent members! We do super encourage you to have your families do the workouts with you!  We all need high immunity in this time!
  4. Make a space where you can work out with “Crescent Online.” It should be about 2.5 Meters by 2.5 meters. Just don’t knock over plants or do a burpee on your spouse’s foot!
  5. Join our Facebook Group – We will use this tomorrow for the first workout at 5:30pm.
  6. Download the Zoom app on your phone as we’ll also test using it tomorrow at 6:30pm.
  7. Make sure you have a way to set up a phone or iPad so you can see and hear us during the online session.
  8. We will update our class schedule tomorrow evening.We will likely have 3-4 online workouts each day.  We will figure out the best times for that after consulting with many of you.
  9. Lastly- Enjoy this time with your family.  Get good sleep.  Eat good food.  Take care of one another

You will be taken care of. We’ll show the exact same enthusiasm and care over the internet.  You won’t get a physical fist bump after a great workout, but our emoji game is very, very strong.

We truly believe our Crescent Community will come out of this stronger and more inspired.  Remember we’ve talked a lot about living with courage.  Let’s not give in to fear.  Let’s be smart!

The Crescent Team

For further information:

The Jordan Ministry of Health urged the public to call the following numbers for any query related to the disease: Ministry of Health (MoH) Public Health Emergency Operation Center (PHEOC) hotline: +962 77 8410186 (mobile) for English speakers or +962 6 500 4545 (landline) or 111.

This is the latest news from the Jordan government

American Embassy Advice- here- call +962 6 590-6000, +962 6 590-6500 (after hours)

British Embassy’s advice- here – call +962 6 590 9200.

Canadian Embassy Advice- here–  Call 962 (6) 590 1500, ext. 3341 and 3342

Coronavirus symptoms

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