COVID Update- 7 Things We are Doing- 3 Things You Can Do

Update as of May 14th, 2020

We are extremely proud of our Crescent community for how you have remained resilient and kept a great attitude as we face this unprecedented time.  Many of you have asked for an update as to when we can open our facility again.  (Who knew you could miss the cold hard steel of a barbell?)  As of today, we still have not been informed about a potential opening date for Crescent’s facility.  Like you, we wait each evening for the briefing by the Health Minister to learn what has happened that day and learn of any new easing of the restrictions.  We wish we had more information but we just don’t.    For getting news, there are many great news outlets, we find that Roya Channel is the most up to date.

7 Things Crescent is Doing Now

As we wait for the green light from the government we want you to know we’re hard at work getting everything ready.  These are the things we’re working on with different scenarios of what the government will allow when we open.  We will make final decisions to keep your health and our staff’s health foremost on our minds.

  1. Schedule– when we will have classes and how we will space those classes out for safety
  2. Class Size– we will restrict class sizes which will likely depend on a government mandate
  3. Length of class– depending on the number of people who are allowed in the facility at a time we will adjust how long each training session lasts
  4. Cleaning– you’ll have a clear picture of what we will do during the day and be asking you as members to help us clean up your equipment when you finish a training session.
  5. Programming– we will be starting with the basics in our sessions and slowly ramping up the intensity with the weights.  Your body will need some time to safely get back to moving around with extra weight.
  6. Check in procedures– how to RSVP and check in to class and record your performance
  7. Extra safety measures– we will have a laser thermometer that we will use appropriately as mandated by the government in order to make sure you and our staff stay safe at all times.– and Much more- this is just a small part of the things we’re working on behind the scenes to be ready to give you a safe and amazing experience!

Three Things You CAN do now

Eat well. Eat Well.  Eat Well.  This is the time to work hard to fuel your body for the mental, physical, and emotional fight we’re in.  Our bodies immunity system is directly tied to the food we eat.  We’re either building up our body’s immunity or tearing it down through what we eat.  You can check out our Healthy Restaurant and Grocery guide if you need help finding some healthy places to order from these days!

Finalize a rhythm of movement and exercise.  This is so simple and powerful and yet so difficult to keep consistent in this time.  Since you can only drive on certain days to get little errands done, we know this can be difficult.  But the people finding the most success in the midst of these times have finalized a rhythm- writing it down at the very least- and abiding by it as much as is possible.

Find new ways to stay connected to friends and family.  Figure out other ways to have fun.  This is different for each of you and may even change day to day.  Maybe a walk one day.  Maybe a run the next.  Maybe a hard WOD.  Maybe calling a friend you haven’t talked with in a long time.  Write down a few things you could do and go back to that list every few days and try something else.  As important as having a rhythm is, you also want to have some new and novel things that will keep you from feeling too bored and monotonous.

3 Categories of People We See

Loving zoom classes.  Some of you are absolutely crushing it right now.  You are enjoying the rhythm the classes are giving you.  Keep it up.  We’re here for you and are working hard to keep the classes fun, varied, and effective. We love seeing your faces each day!

Training hard– Some of you have checked out or even rented some equipment.  You’ve created your own happy place at your house and are training hard.  Some people are getting customized workout plans to work on new skills and building even more strength.

Wait and See = Inconsistent– Not only did we have to face the new life of Corona, we also had to make the transition into a new Ramadan schedule.  Every year, Ramadan is a challenge for many people as it requires a whole new schedule and eating habits.  Add in Corona’s challenges and its no wonder that some of you are feeling de-motivated and inconsistent.  Truly, we understand.  We simply want to talk with each of you to see how we can help you do the 3 things we mentioned above.  Perhaps its classes.  Perhaps is more personalized programming from our Online programs.  Perhaps its working extra on your nutrition.

We are here to build courage in our lives.  Courage to overcome anything that life throws our way.  Your body and mind is prepared for this. We can not only get through this.  But its even possible to thrive!  Until the next update!

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