We have an amazing team of coaches at CrossFit Crescent.  Each coach is here to help you make progress in your fitness.  From the first day of your complementary consultation, to your final day with us, you will have your Coach for Life.

Expat Fitness Amman

Your Coach for Life will inspire, lead, educate, entertain, and hold you accountable.  They will help you inside and outside the gym making sure you are making progress!  Your coach will know your strengths, your weaknesses, any injuries you had in the past, have currently, or might be prone to.  They are eager to help you with your nutrition questions and any other questions you have concerning your fitness in Amman.  It’s their JOY not just their job to serve you.

Coach For Life- Why

Your coach will help you discover your “Why”.  Why you want to be progress in your fitness and health.  They will help you set and clarify your short term goals that will lead you towards your why.  And help you begin forming the right habits that will  –  keeping you focused and accountable to your big picture why.

Coach For Life- What 

Teaching you “What” to do to help you achieve your goals.  You will learn what to do by attending our regular classes where you’ll experience the best hour of your day.  Additionally, you’ll have personal training sessions with your coach that will focus on specific skills, mobility issues, or nutrition in order to optimize your progress.

Coach For Life- Who

Your coach will help you make your transition into fitness for life.  He will also introduce you to fellow Crescent members “Who” you’ll enjoy the best hour of your day with.  Other members are learning similar skills, facing similar struggles, and overcoming them like you will.  We are a tribe and your coach for life will integrate you smoothly. 

Coach For Life- When

Helping you “When” situations challenge our commitment to life long fitness.  Your coach will help you overcome injuries and sickness.  They’ll help you figure out how to adjust your schedule when family or job changes required a new rhythm to life.

Coach For Life- How

Building from a foundation of the “How” of skills, your coach will help you build habits that enable long term change.   Through personal check-ups after you move on to our main classes they will continue honing your skills and your goals.  Our coaches are some of the most highly qualified coaches not just in Amman- but in the entire Middle East.

The First Step

At Crescent, we know everyone faces stress and a fast paced life that drains our energy.  Our coaches guide you through efficient workouts & simple nutrition to build new habits to achieve the body, energy, and lifestyle to live with courage in today’s world.  Step one is call us at 079 722 8865 to schedule your consultation.  Or you can sign up for the time that fits your schedule.  We will sit with you to hear your goals, your fitness history, and help you know the right next step! 


Take the first step towards getting the results you want!

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Have a burning question about our gym or program? Want to know if CrossFit Crescent is right for you? Send us an email to [email protected]  or give us a call at 962 7 9722 8865.