CFC Vitality Challenge 2018

It’s time to focus tenaciously on our health and fitness this month. Starting  April 9th, you have the chance to challenge yourself like never before- to live a life of Vitality and energy as you combine specific nutrition, inBody Tests for your Body Mass Index, great workouts, and electronic reporting of your meals, sleep, hydration and more! Challenges like this have marked a life altering shift for so many people. Listen to Rima tell her story below about our Vitality Challenge last year!

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April 9th 2018.

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40 JD for CrossFit Crescent Members and 150 JDs for someone who wants to do the Vitality Challenge Bootcamp



One plan for weight loss, one plan for muscle building and toning. We have the right one for you and your goal! Personal nutrition plans are available as an extra offering.

inBody Tests

See before and after your Body Composition Index which will help you see your results in Lean muscle growth and Fat loss.

App Based Scoring

Everyday receive an email to remind you to insert your scores for the day about your nutrition, sleep, hydration and specific workout challenges. The App automatically loads your WODs you attended during the month!

Workout Challenges

For extra points complete a specific number of Wall Balls, sit ups, Calories on the rower and several more during the month. You can update it each day and the app keeps track for you!

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