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Outdoor Classes- Ahli Club- November 3-10

We were ready for anything- and we’re making the best of it for you!We’re glad to announce we’re still going to continue training in person up until the mandatory country wide lockdown. ┬áHere are the details you need to know now. *Classes will be done

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Got an Injury? Know How to Avoid and Overcome One

Is every pain an injury? Injuries are part of the life of ordinary people as well as athletes. However, knowing what causes you injury and how to deal with them is crucially important. Injuries are different from just hurting. Can you control every injury? An

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The Foundational Movements of CrossFit- Push Press

Why the Push Press? The push press is very similar to the shoulder press only it involves movement from the legs. You should be able to lift a lot more than you shoulder press weight, because you get to use the power from your hips.

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