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Crescent New Ownership- 2021 Transition

In October 2014, we opened CrossFit Crescent believing that people deserve to be independent and courageous.  Our motto “Intensity with Humility” helped everyone know that we would push through hard things while remaining humble to continue learning.  We believed that physical strength and discipline translates into discipline

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The Foundational Movements of CrossFit- Box Jumps

The main hindrance to performing box jumps is fear. We’ve all been there second guessing if we can make that first jump without breaking something. You know you can’t second guess it, but after you get that first jump you get a new wave of

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Inflammation: Should you be afraid of every inflammation?

Inflammation is a process; you break the muscle, you feed yourself with enough right amount of nutrients, you sleep, and you get recovered aided by your immune system.  However, if your body doesn’t recover and keeps on building, it can turn into chronic pain growing

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