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Is CrossFit worth the money?

We all know there are cheaper alternative gyms to CrossFit. It is not cheap, but is it worth it? We have all probably heard many different things about CrossFit, but what part of the hype is true? The first workout So, you decide to join

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The Foundational Movements of CrossFit- The Shoulder Press

What is the shoulder press The shoulder press is a basic movements that is great for building strength and mobility. The press targets the deltoids and works the chest muscles, shoulders, arms, and upper back. But it requires the whole body to be engaged including

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Ahmad- Ending 20 Years of Frustration

Dr. Ahmad is an endodontist at the Jordan University Hospital, an assistant professor of dentistry at the University of Jordan, is head of the department, he also runs a private clinic, and works in Bahrain part-time. Obviously, Ahmad works very hard to succeed at all

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