Benefits and Misconceptions of Weightlifting

Weightlifting can seem daunting to most people. There are a few misconceptions and fears surrounding the sport, which can make people skeptical to try the sport. The fear of the bar in general; that it could hurt you or is not safe, or the fear for many women of getting too bulky. But, Done with the right coaching, training, and technique you can build muscle, flexibility, and lose weight. So let’s talk about the top benefits and misconceptions of weightlifting.

  1. Most people wouldn’t expect it, but weightlifting increases your lean body mass which increases the calories you burn during and after working out. That means weightlifting can burn more calories than cardio, and actually is more effective in helping people lose weight.
  2. One of the biggest reasons we hear from women for not weightlifting is their fear of getting bulky/ looking manly. Though weightlifting has that reputation it’s not true. Women produce way less testosterone than men which makes bulking much more difficult; it requires a very restrictive diet and to be lifting for multiple hours daily. Weightlifting actually helps women achieve their goals much faster than cardio and become toned by replace fat with muscle.
  3. Weightlifting not only strengthens your muscles it strengthens your bones. This happens because your muscles are connected to your bones and as pressure and strain is put on them they react by becoming denser. This improves quality of life as you age and decreases your chances of serious injury from daily activities.
  4. Another surprising benefit is flexibility and mobility. Weightlifting requires full range of motion in order to have the proper technique. This means you have to work against resistance while also keeping your body in the correct form. This takes practice and accessory work and means you can build strength without losing flexibility.

The last benefit is building confidence; as you try building up to more weight you learn your body and that helps to build mental strength. Seeing what you’re capable of builds confidence that bleeds to life outside of the gym.

Though beginning weightlifting may seem intimidating with expert coaching and practice there are so many health benefits. Proper technique is key and is something we focus on before picking up the bar. When you’re ready to pick up the bar we are ready to help you get started.

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