Ahmad- Ending 20 Years of Frustration

Dr. Ahmad is an endodontist at the Jordan University Hospital, an assistant professor of dentistry at the University of Jordan, is head of the department, he also runs a private clinic, and works in Bahrain part-time. Obviously, Ahmad works very hard to succeed at all he sets his mind to. We never cease to be amazed by his work ethic; he has an incredibly busy schedule and still makes time for his health. The progress he has made is a testament to what can happen when you combine hard work, good nutrition, and skilled coaching.

An unused gym membership

” I always had an active membership at a gym over the past 20 years or so, but my biggest struggle was to find the motivation to actually go to the gym. I often had this conversation with me and myself of whether I should go to the gym or just go and enjoy a massive meal or just go home and sleep. And usually whatever the other option was it usually won.

And when I did go to the gym I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do on that day, so I would end up doing nothing. And when you don’t see results after going to the gym for some time you just get frustrated and depressed really…”

“Among all the stresses I was facing on a daily basis binge eating was my coping strategy.”

Something Different

“When I decided enough was enough I wanted something different, and I tried CrossFit because I had heard about it from some friends. When I came to Crescent I saw a happy group of people doing a programmed workout together. I thought I wanted to do that, so I joined the essentials classes with Coach Saif, and he taught us the basics. Then when I joined the group classes I really found a friendly environment.

All the workouts were well planned they were either hitting a group of muscles, or teaching a new skill, or working on endurance and cardio. And the times were flexible, it’s not like you’re restricted to a certain time of day. So, that gave me the motivation to workout.

Another important thing for me is that all you need is an hour a day, and that was a major thing for me because I always thought that I didn’t have enough time in my day to workout.”

The Results

“I’ve lost weight, worked on my strength. Like a couple of years ago doing one strict pull up was unthinkable, but now I can put together 7 sometimes 10 on a good day. My mobility has improved significantly and I feel better about myself.

“You know when you’re overweight it’s really difficult to feel good about yourself. When you’re struggling to look good in nice clothes, when you’re struggling to play sports with your friends.”

I play football regularly with my friends and when I was overweight I used to struggle to run. Even when you look at yourself in pictures and you see the double chin and the chubby cheeks it hardly helps you to feel good. And then when you lose all that extra weight and you workout regularly I think it only helps you to feel good about yourself. You’re more confident, you feel healthier, you feel younger.”

What’s Next

“I try to promote good health now, and healthy lifestyles. And I realized that working out and exercising are not just important to you to look better and feel stronger. But as you grow older you need to work out in order to avoid diabetes and cholesterol issues. Exercise is important even to help you deal with stress and to have strong mental health.”

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