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Intensity with Humility

In Amman you face incredible challenges – trying to advance your career, nurture and lead your family, and make a contribution in the community. Not to mention the traffic. Or the family visits with food you are pretty sure isn’t the most healthy, but it tastes good and there’s lots of pressure to eat! Month after month and year after year you’ve tried different ways to try to keep your body feeling good but the gym often just adds MORE stress to your life- which machines to use, how much weight, how many repetitions, does the person next to me think I look like an idiot, how long should I work out for?

Thinking of trying to get your health and energy back should not add more stress. We are here to help you feel the best you ever have- in energy and in your body. We will guide you to make changes in your nutrition as well as guiding you in person with your fitness. We take care of the details. You show up consistently and enjoy the best hour of your day. The stress will melt away and you’ll find yourself changing your habits and growing in confidence and energy in every area of your life.

We have carefully crafted a solution for each kind of person- previous athletes, people with no fitness background, and especially for those who have tried other diets and gyms but who know there should be something better. You deserve to feel great and have the energy to live out the purpose you were created for! All you have to do is sign up for a consultation on this page and we’ll help you take the next step from there. We’ve helped hundreds here in Amman- from new moms with a career like Rachel to busy people like Zaid in medical school, to someone who has never done any physical activity before like Miina.

We promise to keep you safe, progressing, and having fun. Don’t end up a statistic in Jordan where we have the top ten highest smoking, obesity, and diabetes rates in the world! You’ll want a community of coaches and other members who will motivate you to keep overcoming the challenges! Instead, you’ll be setting an example for your friends and family of courage that affects every area of your life!


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