9 Reasons to Go to the Gym in the Morning- Part 3

We have three final reasons you should come train with us in the morning!  We’ve given you Part 1 and Part 2 already.  Time to wrap this up and we plan to see you sometime between 6 and 8am!  Always keep updated with our class schedule.

7.  Avoid the Afternoon Energy Drop

Somewhere between 1pm and 3 pm we’ve all felt it- the afternoon energy lull.  For Jordanians, its time to eat and for Westerners who eat around 12 noon, their body is digesting their lunch and they are usually crashing from the sugar high (usually from the carbs they eat, like rice, bread, and pasta instead of a proper balance of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins).  If we can get our metabolism going in the morning, and we can keep our body fueled with the right balance of food, we can keep our energy high throughout the day.  The key is the proper fuel throughout the day and the proper habits.  This is exactly what our Nutrition Coaching gives you.  Helping you build the right habits, starting with the most important, and building one at a time.

8.  Get Better Sleep, Wake up Refreshed in the Morning

With morning training, our bodies wake up from its sleep state more quickly and get your body alert and ready for the days challenges.  Making complicated decisions, being productive and efficient, and really engaging with customers and fellow employees requires full energy and alertness.  This comes from good sleep the night before.  Our training in the morning allows your body to power down in the evenings at the right time so you can get to sleep early.  This aligns our bodies more closely with the Circadian rhythm that our bodies were originally designed for.  The most successful leaders in the world wake up early– as part of their routine!

9.  Meet Motivated Friends in the Morning

Nothing quite builds friendships quite like suffering together!  But it’s when you get through hard things that make you better, that you develop respect for one another.  Our morning coaches and members are making the hard decisions just like you.  Getting to bed early, rising early, and getting their bodies ready for what faces them that day.  You’ll find an energized and motivated group of people ready to tackle the stress and challenges of life in Amman!

We hope you enjoyed reading our first three reasons for working out in the morning as well as the second three!

The First Step

At Crescent, we know everyone faces stress and a fast paced life that drains our energy.  Our coaches guide you through efficient workouts & simple nutrition to build new habits to achieve the body, energy, and lifestyle to live with courage in today’s world.  Step one is call us at 079 722 8865 to schedule your consultation.  Or you can sign up for the time that fits your schedule.  We will sit with you to hear your goals, your fitness history, and help you know the right next step! 

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