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5 Fitness Tips to Reach Your Goals


5 Fitness tips to help you reach your goals

Many say the new year is for resolutions, but we say forget resolutions, and lets make some goals! Use our five fitness tips below to reach those goals!  Our coaching team at Crescent is all about seeing our members reach new levels of health and fitness. This comes because we help you stay motivated all year long!  We love walking with people in their fitness journey and commitment to whole body health.

1. Work out with a friend!

We all know that its so much easier to accomplish our goals when we have accountability, and who better to hold us to it then a friend? Knowing that you are supposed to meet your friend at the gym helps to get you out the door and into your workout clothes. There is little room for your own excuses when your bestie is counting on you to show up. What is great about CrossFit Crescent, is that you can join with a bud, or start solo, because no matter who you started with, it won’t take very long for the people in your class to go from strangers to friends. The community and encouragement you get from your CFC family helps keep you on track and motivated to show up, even on the coldest Amman day.

2. Have a plan!

We have heard it said, “Working without a plan, is planning to fail.” Time and time again we have seen how true this is at the gym and in regards to our fitness and health. So many of us want to get fit and healthy, but most of the time, we don’t have a plan to get there. How many times have you shown up at your local gym, jumped on a machine, and then wandered around testing out a few more until your hour or so was done, only to go home and realize that you didn’t really do that much. Sure, you ran, and did that leg press thing, but what was the point? Without a plan its hard to reach your goals and see much change.

What people love about Crescent is that it comes with a plan. And you don’t have to make it. Once you join, all you have to do is show up to class, and do the WOD(Workout of the day) that was intentionally programmed and picked by trained coaches to help you and your classmates get the best workout possible. Its so fulfilling to know that one planned hour at Crescent is far more effective then 3 unplanned hours at another gym.

3. Track your progress to see your improvements.

Humans are highly motivated by results. We like to see progress and bask in our success. This is why its so important for us to chart our progress in our fitness journey. If we can’t see our improvements, then why would anyone be motivated to stick to our fitness routine? At Crescent, we love watching our clients improve and set new personal bests! Each day your scores are recorded and tracked so that you can see your progress. We are constantly looking to develop our m

embers to become stronger, faster, fitter and we let you see the success along the way. One member recently shared that at the start of his fitness journey at Crescent he did a test workout and finished in over 15 minutes, just at the cutoff time. Only 5 weeks later, he redid the same exact workout and was able to complete it in 9 minutes! Talk about motivation through improvement!

4. Fuel your body with the right food.

When you start a new fitness program, you quickly become aware of what you eat and when you eat it. You might even find yourself hungrier then normal as you have kickstarted your metabolism into gear. The trick to success in both fat loss and muscle gain, is to make sure you are putting the right food in to get the most out. At CrossFit Crescent, not only are our coaches skilled in nutritional counseling, but we also work alongside trained dietritions and nutritionists to help each client achieve their goals. We know how important nutrition is to year long fitness success, and so its something we constantly encourage.

We even created a healthy Restaurant and Grocery guide specific to Amman Jordan to help you get started. Sign up and we’ll send you the free download!

Crescent Grocery Guide

5. Learn a new trick, or master that move!

Nothing says #goals like working towards something specific and measurable. So set your sights on learning something new, like finally getting a pullup. Make a goal to master a skill, such as walking on your hands, to keep you motivated. We make sure you have opportunities to learn something new while perfecting old skills. We love teaching, and pushing our clients to reach new achievements.

Enjoy implementing these five fitness tips to see the results you are dreaming about!

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