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3 Things to Be Proud OF—3 Things to be Prepared FOR

As I’ve been in the USA the last two months- I feel compelled to share with you how proud I am of these things:

You, Our Members

You’ve dealt with the shutdown and all the things that have come with it.  You are back building healthy rhythms into your life while people around you focus on the wrong things.  You’re building a resilience and wall of immunity to help you and therefore your families ward off much more than just sickness.  As bad as the COVID deaths have been- almost 800,000 as of today from across the world- there’s some important things to realize. Every year, the WHO records at least 2,800,000 deaths each year due to Obesity.  This means- each year- there are three times more deaths from Obesity then there will be this year from Covid.  

AND, the research is showing that around 90-95% of deaths from COVID come from someone who has at least one of these three issues BEFORE they contract COVID- cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes (many had 2 or 3 of these actually)— and each of these three is almost always associated with obesity.  The scary part is how our world and cultures in Jordan and the United States have allowed a rampant pandemic of obesity to wreak havoc for years.  But because the pain and problems of obesity take years to add up- there’s no government intervention.  But you are leading the way for your families and communities- keep leading by example.  It’s not easy to be the example.  Many people are willing to get healthy for 1-2 years and then they decide to just go back to the “easy” way of life.  It might feel easy now (though the aches and pains and low energy feel terrible) it will make life so much harder in the future.

This is a common proverb and saying in Jordan.  الرجال بلا كرش ما بيسوى قرش
Translation: A man without a belly is not worth a penny.
Meaning: That a man’s belly (obesity) is not to be ashamed of, but rather a source of wealth and pride.     Who can help us come up with a new and better saying?

Low COVID Numbers in Jordan  

Until August 6, I was reading the news about Jordan each day, proud of the fact that for so many days in a row there were zero new local COVID cases.  This truly is a testament to His Majesty’s leadership and the mentality of the Jordanian people.  Can you imagine President Trump in America trying to put a similar lockdown and curfew on America?  It would have caused absolute anarchy and pandemonium.  But we all stuck together from our closure of March 15th to June 9th.  And you are reaping the benefits.  I’ll let you know when things settle down out here.

All Our Staff

The staff have jumped right in and haven’t missed a beat.  Even Coach Faisal used the down time to study for and pass the CrossFit Level 3 test.  You now have three Jordanian Level 3 coaches serving you.  When you leave Amman, you’ll realize how good you had it with our staff.  As I visit other CrossFit gyms here in the USA- there’s a big, big difference in the coaching.  Many members who have moved have told us this- but now I know it to be true.  I honestly don’t think there’s 5 CrossFit gyms in the world with three Level 3 coaches- not even including me.  I couldn’t be more proud.

3 Things to be Prepared FOR

New Rhythms

We don’t think at this point there will be a full lockdown like before.  We will “hope for the best but plan for the worst.”  We are watching the news and staying aware. If a shutdown does occur, we will again offer several options and will work with you to find the best option for you and your situation.


It’s easy to get caught up checking the news, checking your social media feed, and just zoning out with Netflix of the Premier League. But this truly is a once in a lifetime situation. This is a time more than ever we need to focus on what matters. Our family, our health, and continuing to serve our communities.


We can either wait and hope for a vaccine for a virus (very unreliable) or we can go ahead and boost our immunity and bodies ability to deal with sickness when it does come. Much research is coming out showing how a strong immune system and healthy body fat rather than obesity are key in the midst of this global pandemic.

We are both proud and want you to be prepared. We’re in this with you!

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