3 M’s to Progress During a Day of Curfew

No one enjoys this part. It’s ok to admit that. Life is 1% what happens to us, and 99% how we respond to it. Think back the first time you set foot in a CrossFit gym. You remember seeing people do things that you thought were impossible. And now you’re doing them. Life is all about perspective. What seems impossible one day, is very possible another. Who would ever have guessed they could have made it through over two months of lockdown and curfews like you have? Can you make it through one more day? Maybe several more days if needed (God forbid!). Of course you can. Let’s change our perspective.

With the curfew today, you will likely feel isolated, alone, maybe a bit depressed, maybe a bit fearful even about what the future holds in Jordan. The key to dealing with these things- is to first- allow yourself to feel and name what you’re feeling. The second is to do something productive with this time anyway. Make progress in something you’ve been meaning to get around to. I’m going to give you three ways you can make progress today right from your home.

Mobility Progress

Let’s take around ten minutes to simply work out some kinks. If you have a roller, pull it out and use it. These are five stretches you can do today without any equipment. If you have a lacrosse ball or some type of ball- take ten minutes to work on mobility. Make sure you work on those hip flexors since we’re sitting so much nowadays!

Sumo Squat Stretch– 2 Minutes

Knight Stretch– 2 Minutes a leg

Pigeon Pose Stretch– 2 Minutes a leg

Scorpion Stretch– 2 Minutes a side

Wall V Stretch– 3 Minutes

Movement Progress

Maybe you missed a workout or two this week. Now’s the time to make it up inside. Get yourself a drink of water, your phone, and let’s just get to work. Maybe start off with the ten minutes of mobility above to get loose- then let’s get this simple workout done. We’ll work your core, legs, and upper body.

8 Rounds for Time:

5 Pushups
30 seconds plank hold
8 lunges holding dumbbell or other object of 5-10KG (4 per leg)
8 sit- ups

Mind Progress

15 minutes— that’s all. Put a timer on your watch or phone. I bet you have a book or two you’ve been wanting to read. Pick something that’s stimulating for you. It could be around work, family, spiritual, or something else entirely. It’s time like this we can stop and take stock of what’s really important in life and seek to make progress there. Keep it simple. Keep the progress coming. At the end of 15 minutes, if you’re enjoying it- keep going for another 15 minutes.

Once you’ve finished all three above- jump onto your Triib app and schedule and reserve your slot to workout with us tomorrow! Go ahead and set the time you’ll show up! If you’ve never worked out with us, you can book a consultation with us. That’s how we start everyone to make sure we understand how we can best help you towards your goals. Call us at 079 722 8865 if you’d prefer to talk on the phone. We know this is a stress filled time. We’re here to give simple nutrition and fitness coaching to help you face life with courage!

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