5 Grocery Shopping Tips for CrossFit Diet

5 Grocery Shopping Tips for CrossFit Diet

If we can fuel your body properly, you will feel and look great.   We view nutrition as the base of fitness.   But exactly how can we best help you do this?  Well, first you may need some help understand the basics of nutrition for life and for CrossFit.  You may have...

4 Pieces of Nutrition Advice for the CrossFit Diet

Nutrition is the fuel that powers our fitness.  Like a car, if we put the right octane of fuel- mix it with a spark and oxygen we can drive big gains!  If we don’t take care of our fuel, if we add to our gas tank the wrong ingredients, our engine is weak and...
The Paleo Diet- Nutrition at CFC

The Paleo Diet- Nutrition at CFC

You’ve heard of the Paleo Diet- but what is it exactly, will it work for you, and how can we help you implement it?  We regularly run a Vitality Challenge at CFC which will help you learn this and implement this in your life. People often follow popular diets...


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